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Startup Accelerator Program

Join us in unleashing your entrepreneurial potential - start your journey with our 6 weeks startup accelerator for high school entrepreneurs!

Earn the opportunity to join Icehouse Ventures in New Zealand for their annual startup showcase and pitch in front of 1000+ investors

Key Dates

Jul 1, 23 - Aug 13, 23

Application Status

Currently Open.

Closing May 23, 23

Eligibility to Join

You can apply as a solo founder or with a team. You can also apply with or without an idea (see FAQ or more)

Icehouse Ventures

Icehouse Venture is a New Zealand-based startup accelerator and early-stage venture fund that aims to help entrepreneurs and startups turn their ideas into successful businesses.


The company provides mentorship, investment, and networking opportunities to startups in various industries, including technology, healthcare, and consumer goods. IceHouse Venture was founded in 2001 and has since helped launch and grow over 200 companies, with a particular focus on supporting innovative and disruptive startups.

Build and launch your startup in front of one of the largest venture capital funds in ANZ with over $500m assets under management.
Be mentored throughout the program by successful founders, YCombinator alumni and Venture Capital investors.

Program Outline


Week 1 - 2

  • Ideate on startup ideas with the potential for massive scale with key focus areas in: FinTech, B2B software, Consumer Technology, BioTech/MedTech, Crypto/Web3 and Generative AI.

  • You will address key questions for your startup idea such as market size, customer segment, business model, go to market strategy, technical feasibility.

  • If you apply as a solo founder you will be matched with 1-3 other students as co-founders.

Week 3 - 4


  • Using lean methodology, you will spend the next 2 weeks building your minimal viable product (MVP).

  • The goal will be to build an MVP as fast as possible in preparation to validate your startup assumptions next week.


Week 5 - 6

  • You will go to market with your MVP and test with potential customers.

  • The goal will be to get one paying customer and/or letter of intent.

Week 6


  • In the final week you will pitch to a panel of angel investors, venture capitalists and other founders for the final

  • You will build your startup pitch deck and prepare to talk about your discovery journey.

The winning startup will get a Flights and Accommodation included trip to join Icehouse Ventures in New Zealand for their annual startup showcase and pitch in front of 1000+ investors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a startup idea to apply?

Nope! You can come to the program with an idea you've been working on and continue working on it with our guidance and Icehouse's oversight. If you don't have an idea, we'll provide the mentorship and guidance on good ideas to work on that have potential for venture scale.

Do I need to apply as a team?

Also no. If you have a team you can apply together and secure a discount (book in a call with our careers advisors to find out) but if not you can also apply as a solo founder, choose to continue as a solo founder or we can help place you in a team in the first week.

Will I need to go to New Zealand if I am part of the winning team?

Yes. The prize of the winning team is a flights and accommodation included trip down to New Zealand to pitch in front of some of the best investors in the world. You will be part of an exclusive high school delegation into the world of tech, startups and venture capital - you'd best not miss it!

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CCI x Icehouse Ventures Accelerator Program

Start Date


Applications Close

Best suited for...

1st July, 2023

23rd May, 2023

Students interested in Entepreneurship.

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