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Virtual Work-Experience Program 

Experience what it's like to work at a space company 

Learn how to to analyze and solve problems in the aerospace industry.

Key Details

Key Dates

Jun 17, 23 - Jul 15, 23

Application Status

Currently Open.

Closing Jun 10, 23

Tangible Outcomes

Referral Letter signed by Dawn Aerospace

Certificate of Completion

You will get trained in...

Aerospace Engineering

In this course, you will learn about the principles of flight, aircraft design, and space technology. You will study topics such as aerodynamics, materials science, structural analysis, and control systems, and apply these concepts to the design and optimization of aerospace vehicles and systems.

Airplane Wing

Propulsion Mechanics

Learn about the fundamentals of propulsion systems and their application in aerospace engineering. Thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, combustion, and propulsion cycles, and an understanding of the performance, efficiency, and limitations of various types of engines. including rockets, turbo machinery, and air-breathing engines.

Avionics Engineering

Initial Design and Applied Physics

Learn about the fundamental laws of physics and their application to engineering problems including topics such as mechanics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, and optics, and learn how to use models and experimental techniques to analyze and solve problems related to aerospace engineering and propulsion mechanics.

Science Courses
Hot Air Balloon Fire Burner

Program Outline

Orientation Week

Week 1

Get introduced to the program, your mentors and Dawn Aerospace. You will learn how an aerospace company like Dawn aerospace operates and begin preliminary research on the program project.

Week 3

Development Week

You are now equipped with the adequate skillset to complete the program. Applying your knowledge onto the project in the context of Dawn Aerospace and working as a team is the focus. 

Week 2

Competence Week

You will obtain all the required skills to complete the project. Through a series of skills lectures you will get a fully immersive learning experience and all the adequate skills.

Pitch Week

Week 4

In your final week you will submit your project for mentor feedback. In the final night you will pitch your project and findings to Dawn Aerospace representatives and upon completion, receive a referral letter. 

What our student interns say

"It was such an exciting program and feel that I gained skills I would never have got in school. I do think that by doing this I have a much clearer understanding of what I want to do in the future"
Screen Shot 2021-10-10 at 12_39_00 pm (1).webp

Jimmy Z

17, New Zealand, PwC student

"This program opened my eyes to what life would be like when I enter the workforce - it was an amazing experience."
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Dane G

15, South Africa, Uber student

"School education alone could never give us something of this calibre, something that’s really about the actual industry... I would 100% recommend this program to my friends."
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Khaled H

16, UAE, KPMG student

Frequently Asked Questions

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Above Earth

Dawn Aerospace Program

Start Date


Applications Close

Best suited for...

June 17th, 2023

June 10th, 2023

Students interested in working in Engineering.

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