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1 month internship on Entrepreneurship and Crypto powered by Crimson

Crypto Startup

This Silicon Valley based Startup was part of the S21 Cohort of

Y Combinator - the most prestigious accelerator in the world.

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Y Combinator (YC) is a startup accelerator based in the US. It is commonly regarded as the most prestigious startup accelerator in the world.


It has been responsible in helping launch over 3,000+ companies, including multibillion dollar companies like: Reddit, Twitch, AirBnb, Dropbox, CoinBase, DoorDash, GitLab, OpenSea, 

Entrepreneurship means solving the worlds greatest problems at scale

Entrepreneurship at Y Combinator

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The future of the web is here.

You will work directly with a Y Combinator startup at the forefront of the up and coming decentralised web.

The 3 Core Competencies:


Gain applied experience working in this new exciting field.  Crypto is purely a software movement and doesn’t depend on a hardware buildout, in contrast to, say, the internet, which required laying cables and building cell towers. As the space develops increasingly rapidly, you will unlock first-hand access into this coveted field and delve into how crypto is being utilised to innovate in social media, gaming, entertainment, finance and more!



Blockchain computers are new types of computers where the unique capability is trust between users, developers, and the platform itself. You will delve into this world of trust and game-theoretic properties of the system and how innovation through blockchain will change the landscape of the web forever.


As explained by Harvard Business School, entrepreneurship encompasses 4 things: (1) Learn experimentation, (2) Staged investment, (3) Partnerships and (4) Storytelling. A core focus of this internship is practical entrepreneurship through applying those learnings into your first-hand experience at a Y Combinator startup. 


Program Outline

Week 1

Orientation Week

Get introduced to the program, your mentors, your team and the startup. You will learn what it's like to at a startup and begin preliminary research on the program project with you team.

Week 3

Development Week

You are now equipped with the adequate skillset to complete the program. Applying your knowledge onto the project in a startup context and working as a team is the focus of this week.

Week 2

Competence Week

You will obtain all the required skills to complete the project. Through a series of skills lectures, you will get a fully immersive learning experience and all the adequate skills.

Week 4

Pitch Night

For the final night you will pitch your project and findings to the startup executives. Upon successful completion, you wil receive a referral letter signed by the company and an internship certificate. 

Tangible Outcomes

Gaining pratical experience at a fast-moving startup

Building a global network of students, mentors and professionals

Certificate of Completion upon completion

Gain a referral letter signed by the partner firm

Program Details

16th Jul -

13th Aug



Eligible Age*



Per Team

10-20 hrs

Commitment per week

Application Process

1. Online Registration 

2. Advisor


3. Written Application

4. Program acceptance

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